Where the fun`s at home.


If you can build on 300 years of history.

With one eye you can always look into the past. Especially if you are very aware of this past and you know that the tradition that started then reaches into the present day. The Hotel Gerbe has a very long history and was able to learn and experience a lot over six generations, to go through many beautiful times and to welcome a lot of wonderful guests.

Before the 17th century the buildings of the Gerbe were part of the Kreuzlingen monastery and were used as a tannery, wine bar and for agriculture. So the guests who came to the Gerbe were always treated to a good time, which they still do today. The hotel business developed from 1907 onwards and has been run as a family business since 1923. For over 300 years, the monastery tannery, a wine tavern, the obligatory farm and an inn have been transformed into today's Hotel Gerbe, where you can feel the power of this history and the tranquillity of countless moments of hospitality. This place is a site for well-being where you can let yourself relax at any time!


Rustic, almost fairytale-like family hotel with a lot of tradition!
Absolutely recommendable. Had a nice time there.


It's nice to know and love one’s roots.

Love travels through many ways and detours. It is not surprising that the family history of Hotel Gerbe has taken thousands of turns and paths over the past 300 years until the Knobel family came onto the scene, where they now stand with their hotel of hospitality. For the roots begin as early as around the year 1710 in the buildings of the former Kreuzlingen Monastery, when Joseph Jacob came to the Gerbe.



Sometimes you have to go part of the story together.

The history of Hotel Gerbe has always been shaped by the people who have spent time here. And of course our employees are one of the biggest components of this story. They shape the daily encounters in the hotel business and, with their ideas, push Hotel Gerbe on the path of hospitality and well-being.



Hotel Gerbe is constantly on the move for you.

For each headway, you have to pause now and then. Therefore, our hotel is not only a place for busy meetings and sports activities, but also for rest and relaxation. With this breadth of approaches we work daily on new ideas and on our general orientation as a hotel.