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Hotel with yoga and deceleration

Selected treatments and arrangements in the surroundings around Friedrichshafen.

Hotel Gerbe sets a very significant focus on relaxation. In the Johannes Park and the associated massage, sauna and yoga facilities, there are many opportunities to fall into the hands of our professional therapists during a spa holiday.

Time and again, humans need a few quiet moments and extended silence to find their way back to life. The wellness arrangements in Hotel Gerbe are therefore tailored to the needs of guests at all times. Whether yoga, massages or meditation: Our employees are happy to pass on their knowledge of the latest trends. In addition, spa massages are offered from neck to toe, and even full body oil massages. What’s more, in our pool area in the 300-year-old vaulted cellar, everyone can relax for a few hours and yet still be on the move at the same time. Anyone who floats in the water and swims in between a few moves, will enjoy the wellness stay in our hotel.

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A hotel shows what it can do.

In Lake Constance, relaxation and wellness are very important.

You have to be able to leave the daily routine behind again and again. That is why there is always enough time at Hotel Gerbe to air out the heart and head. Because not every day has to be planned with an active programme. Our SPA treatments are designed for the quiet moments, because time lives on from the quiet moments. In addition to the classic cabin, the sauna area has a steam bath, an infra-red pine parlour and a Kneipp bath, which sharpens your thoughts and stimulates your heart and circulation. You can also look forward to reclining comfortably in the relaxation space of the spa area, where there is also time for meditation and massages.


A hotel with an appreciation for
yoga and relaxation.

Our focus on deceleration is unique in the region around Lake Constance.

Silence and relaxation take the stressful side of everyday life in all lightness. You have to breathe again and again and sit back comfortably, so that the mind and body come back on track. And because Hotel Gerbe is a hotel with a special focus on deceleration and nature, the time staying at the hotel slows down automatically. Whether as a short break or as a yoga weekend: The Hotel Gerbe offers a pleasant programme and massage treatments for all who are looking for a holiday in southern Germany, in this beautiful area between Constance and Friedrichshafen. Let our hotel therapists convince you and look forward to relaxing massages. There is something for everyone, so that a holiday at Hotel Gerbe is an unforgettable time for everyone to slow down.


A hotel for rest, relaxation and meditation.

The sauna session and Yoga-Wellness are very close to one another.

Whether you sweat with a hot infusion or treat yourself to some fresh air in nature, it doesn’t really matter. With our diverse range of yoga and wellness facilities in Hotel Gerbe, you can relax again and again. Neck massages, foot massages or full body oil massages are just a few of the ways you can be pampered by our specialist staff. Our hotel has its own yoga house in Johannes Park, where a balanced yoga programme for beginners and advanced students alike is offered. Our motto has always been: Just as the guest likes it. Because relaxation and wellness take time and we love to take it. Welcome to Lake Constance. Welcome to Friedrichshafen, welcome to Hotel Gerbe, between wellness, nature and meditation, where the fun’s at home.


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