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Hot stone treatment

The absolute feel-good treatment.

Smooth, energetic natural basalt stones are heated to 60 degrees Celsius and get the regeneration processes going. The stones are not only placed, but our therapist simultaneously massages the whole body with soothing warm stones. A type of massage that gives intense well-being.

85 minutes 98,00 €

Full body oil massage

The queen among the external oil applications in Ayurveda.

An authentic Ayurvedic massage of the whole body, including head, face and ears. With valuable, ayurvedic black sesame oil. The oil penetrates deep into the tissue, binds slag and toxins and gets rid of them. It has a strengthening, harmonising, vitalising effect and improves the immune system.

80 minutes 95,00 €

Foot and leg massage

30 minutes 39,00 €

Beauty treatment for women

A relaxing and soothing gentle massage with Ayurvedic oils of the head, face, neck and décolleté, up to the upper abdomen.

Special strokes spoil you thoroughly.

70 minutes 75,00 €

Back massage and herbal wrap
Upanahasveda Lepa

The application of a warming invigorating herbal wrap will hydrate the skin and prepare you for the subsequent massage.

Special moves and strokes release blockages and
relieve pain and tension.

50 minutes 65,00 €

Head, face, shoulder and neck massage

60 minutes 68,00 €

Soothing back massage

A combination of classic and
modern medical massage styles.

It treats the pelvis, back and cervical spine.
The treatment is particularly suitable for tension.

25 minutes 35,00 €

Full-body aroma massage

A full body massage with high quality, essential oil blends.

This massage is particularly relaxing, stimulating or harmonising.
The scent, as well as your objective, decide
which oil mixture is chosen.

50 minutes 68,00 €

Full-body Wellness Relax Massage

50 minutes 65,00 €

Active back

After examining your back, you will receive a medical, classic massage, followed by exercises tailored to your needs.

60 minutes 60,00 €

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