Where the good times are at home.

There are many possibilities here under one roof.


Every era has its own history. And when it comes to stories, the Hotel Gerbe has a lot to tell. The tradition of the Jakob family (now Knobel) goes back many generations to the year 1710. This is a long time in which the Gerbe’s approach to hospitality and appreciation of visitors has developed and consolidated.

People have been coming and going here for more than 200 years. That’s why the walls, corners and stairwells are marked by the many guests who have visited us, laughed with us and shared many stories with us. The Hotel Gerbe is a special place with a special power, a place that can make use of its diverse and long-standing history as well as its constant focus on the future. It goes on and on, with new ideas and a keen sense for the wishes of guests and vacationers, business people and people looking for peace and quiet in our beautiful region. The hotel with all its spatial possibilities is now being run by the sixth generation of the family. Knowledge is passed on and new approaches are considered at the same time. There is always something to do. And as long as it is a pleasure to do so, Hotel Gerbe will continue to write its history!

Our guests say

My favorite hotel in the Lake Constance region. Very nice and
courteous staff.
A place to feel good!



If you can build on 300 years of history.

You can always look into the past with one eye. Especially when you are very aware of this past and you know that the tradition that began back then continues to this day. Hotel Gerbe has a very long history and has been able to learn and experience a lot over six generations, going through many wonderful times and welcoming many wonderful guests.



It’s nice when you know and love your roots.

Love takes many paths and detours. It is therefore not surprising that the family background of the Hotel Gerbe has taken thousands of twists and turns over the last 300 years until the Knobel family ended up where it is today with its hotel of hospitality. The roots began to take root around 1710 in the buildings of the former Kreuzlingen monastery, when Joseph Jacob came to the Gerbe.



Sometimes you have to walk a part of the story together.

The history of the Hotel Gerbe has always been shaped by the people who have spent time here. And of course, our employees are one of the biggest parts of this story. They shape the daily encounters in the hotel business and, with their ideas, take the Hotel Gerbe ever further along the path of hospitality and well-being.