Where body and mind take a break.

The Hotel Gerbe places a very decisive focus on relaxation. In Johannespark and the associated massage, sauna and yoga facilities, there are many opportunities to put yourself completely in the hands of our professional therapist during a wellness vacation or a wellness day.

Here you will find stimulation for the senses, relaxation for the mind and harmony for the whole body.

We ask you to book your wellness treatment early so that we can take your individual appointment into account.

Please come to your treatment in your bathrobe.

Abhyanga [80 Min.]

Authentic Ayurvedic oil massage of the whole body,
including head, face and ears.

105,00 Euro p. P.

Padabhyanga [30 Min.]

Ayurvedic, deeply relaxing
Foot and leg massage.

49,00 Euro p. P.

Shiroabhyanga [60 Min.]

Ayurvedic, stimulating head, face and shoulder massage
and neck massage for the senses and the mind.

78,00 Euro p. P.

Upanahasveda Lepa [50 Min.]

Invigorating herbal pack with subsequent strokes
and special handles for a relaxed back.

75,00 Euro p. P.

Mukabhyanga [70 Min.]

Ayurvedic beauty treatment for women.
Soothing, gentle massage of the head, face and neck,
Neckline to the upper abdominal area.

85,00 Euro p. P.

Hot stone treatment [85 Min.]

Full body massage
with pleasantly warm stones
on the skin.

115,00 Euro p. p.

Aroma full body massage [50 Min.]

with a high-quality essential oil blend.

78,00 Euro p. P.

Wellness Relax Massage [50 Min.]

Soothing, relaxing full body massage.

75,00 Euro p. p.

Soothing back massage [25 Min.]

Especially for
Suitable for tension.

45,00 Euro p. P.

Active back [50 Min.]

After your back has been examined, you will receive a medical,
Classic massage, followed by exercises tailored to your needs.

70,00 Euro p. P.